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There are many places to get typesetting, printing and even labels made within Atlanta GA Printing Houses and stores, but perhaps the most interesting thing about printing as a whole is its diverse and increasingly complex history. The initial history of the printing press began in the year 594, when the Chinese started printing various impressions via what is known as negative relief. Basically what they used to do was rub images off wood that had been previously carved with various pictures and even Chinese characters that could be read. This was an exact copy of the original and could be distributed out to all who needed to see it at a drastically reduced price.

Now, you’re obviously aware that Atlanta GA Printing Houses don’t make impressions off wood and other carved surfaces like the Chinese initially did, but they use paper. Well, what is even more interesting is that the Chinese also invented paper, as we know it today, or very similar to what we use today at least. The initial technique of the first wooden carving blocks that made the impressed images made their way to Europe in the year of 1400 from China and the other regions in the Far East that were currently using this early form of printing. This is where the story really gets interesting!

In the year of 1450, the printing press was created by a very complex adaptation of the (you won’t believe this!) wine press that was used to squash grapes into wine! This press was created by none other that Johann Gutenberg! Ask any storeowner at an Atlanta GA Printing Store and they’ll tell you what a legendary figure this Gutenberg was to become and how even today his name is synonymous with printing! How he actually made this strange device work was that he used a certain type of oil-based ink that was similar to the ink used for writing by hand, and with the use of prisms of metal and alloys, he devised a sort of punching mechanism that printed words and more and in fact paved the way to mass media as we know it today.

After that initial development, by 1500 over 9 million books were printed and the business was booming, you must remember that this was a revolutionary creation back then and you can just imagine the kind of stir it created! You are very used to newspapers, books, magazines and getting a quick copy made in an Atlanta GA Printing shop, but back then – it was the impossible coming into existence! By the 19th Century, the famous Gutenberg had mastered his creation and was able to provide type casting, fittings, and cuttings; whatever one needed it could be done. Another fascinating bit of information is that black printing ink initially came from soot that was gathered from smoldering pitches, and then roasted until it was perfect to be used for printing. An Austrian gentleman named Alois Senefelder who printed using limestone only invented printing by means of lithography in the year 1799 however.