Atlanta Printing Services

Atlanta Printing Services

People are used to the printed word when they think about books, newspapers and other reading material in their every day lives. It is rather hard to imagine that less than five hundred years ago there was no such thing as printing and that books, pamphlets and a variety of other reading material had to be created and copied by hand. That is one of the reasons that books were such a rare commodity and considered a priceless treasure at the time. Today, however, printing has become very common place and you can print just about anything on a printer in your home or send something from New York over the Internet to be printed by your friends in Atlanta. Printing services offered by professional printers still offer the best results.

Atlanta printing services are pretty much the same as the printing services that you will find in other cities and states. With the variety of technology that is available today one can print just about anything in any shape, form or color. The printing presses that are used today differ a lot from the older ones that were used back in the Renaissance. The only thing that practically limits what can be done with printing today is the budget that you have for printing what you want to print. They are much faster than the old printing presses that first used manual printing and then steam.

Today’s Atlanta printing services use computers for just about everything that is connected with printing. They receive a file from the client most often in portable document (PDF) format and then they convert this file into the necessary format that can be read by the printing presses. They load the ink and the paper and calibrate the press correctly before it starts off on its merry printing way to print whatever it is you want printed. In the old days the letters had to be arranged by hand and carefully checked to make sure that no errors slipped in. Pictures were rare and they were limited to monochrome printing that was usually black on white though color was not unheard of in special publications.

The speed of the old presses was also something terrible in comparison. Some of today’s presses are able to print over 70,000 copies in an hour. Some of the old ones that had to be done by hand could only manage a minute fraction of that amount in an entire day worth of printing! Atlanta printing services have come a long way from the old hand packed and hand worked presses of the old days. Whether you are printing in color or not, on glossy paper or matte paper, books or pamphlets – the modern printing press is ready to handle them all. And the innovation is not stopping as those in the business seek ways to print even more even faster than ever before.