Atlanta Printing Solutions

Atlanta Printing Solutions

People often find the need to print something or other for various reasons. Publishers need printers to print their books, magazines need printers to print the magazines and businesses need printers to print their marketing pamphlets and such. Atlanta printing solutions can easily be found by visiting Premier Georgia Printing & Labels who is a expert at a range of printing solutions. But printing has not always been as simple as it is today. Most people do not think much of a full-color printed book but only a few centuries ago printing in color was not even an option let alone a concern of budget.

Old printers had to do everything by hand – literally everything. A person known as the typesetter arranged the texts on the pages by hand. This person would sit with a whole box full of different letters and arrange them in the right order. To make matter worse they had to write the words on the page backwards so that it would be printed the right way around on the page! Since space was often limited the people who wrote the text had to keep careful consideration of how much space they have to work with. This old style of printing was limited mainly to text and pictures were rare up until the 19th century when they were still an oddity and expensive. Color was not even an option and most printing was in monochrome black on white. Color only really became a possibility when the more modern printing press came along. Atlanta printing solutions luckily use the newer presses that offer a whole range of features.

The printing presses used by Atlanta printing solutions today make the old printing presses look sad by comparison. Some of the really large ones are capable of printing tens of thousands of copies in an hour. These copies can be full-color or black and white, though black and white printing can go even faster. No longer does some poor person have to sit putting the type into position since everything is done with computer. The printer receives the files, usually in portable document format, and converts them into a format the printing press can understand. They load up the ink, load up some paper, calibrate the whole machine and off it goes! The options and variety available is only really limited by your budget and with modern printing presses nearly anything can be printed.

Whether you are printing a full-color children’s book, a stack of marketing pamphlets for your business, a glossy fashion magazine or simply a thick novel, the printing presses today can handle them all. Atlanta printing solutions from Premier Georgia Printing & Labels can help you put your dreams into print without too much fuss and at a reasonable price. Printing has come a long way in the past centuries and is set to go to even greater, more amazing heights as they find new ways and methods to put words into a printed format.